Ralph Archbold as Benjamin Franklin



Ralph Archbold,  as    Ben Franklin


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Mr. Archbold has been portraying Benjamin Franklin since 1973 in over 75,000 presentations throughout America and overseas. During the bicentennial of America's Constitution, he represented this great man as the "official Franklin." He has performed at the White House, for many national events.

By presenting a message that is tailored to each group, from the youngest children to the most senior of our citizens, Mr. Archbold has won praise in the education, government and corporate worlds as the leading Franklin portrayer. He has been awarded the prestigious Council of Peers Award of Excellence by the National Speaker's Association, is in the Speakers Hall of Fame and won the "Legend of the Platform" award.

His mission is to share the ideas and ideals of Franklin with current generations and inspire them to develop their potential to the fullest.



TEL: (484) 443-8682
E-mail: Ben1776@aol.com