Ralph Archbold, as Ben Franklin

Accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin


SCIENCE - Noted 18th Century Scientist

INVENTOR - Stove, lightning rod, bifocals and many others...

MEDICINE - Founded 1st U.S. Hospital

BANKING - Well known for maxims on thrift

AGRICULTURE - Introduced several crops to U.S.

PRINTING - Noted Colonial printer - "Patron Saint of Printing"

ELECTRICAL - Experiments and theories - Kite & Key

INSURANCE - Started 1st insurance company

HEATING - Franklin stove

COOLING - Had three methods of cooling

EDUCATOR - Involved in founding two colleges

OPTOMETRIC - Bifocal glasses

POSTAL - First postmaster

LIBRARIES - Started 1st circulating library

JOURNALISM - Wrote for several early newspapers

PUBLIC SAFETY - Started 1st police department

PUBLIC SAFETY II - Started 1st fire department

RELIGION - Introduced idea of prayer in Congress

MUSIC - Invented musical instrument - glass armonica

GOVERNMENT - Held numerous positions:


MILITARY - Colonel in Militia


MASONIC - Grand Master of Pennsylvania

DIPLOMAT - Ambassador to England Minister to France

COMMUNITY SERVICE - Street lighting, paving and cleaning

UNIONS - Started Leather Apron Club

BUSINESSMAN - Owned and operated several businesses

PHILOSOPHER - Started American Philosophical Society

ABOLITIONIST - Started Society to Abolish Slavery

SALESMAN - Expert at marketing and sales

MERCHANT - Operated store as part of printshop

HUMORIST - Considered America's 1st writer of humor

TRAVELER - Traveled extensively throughout U.S.

FORECASTER - Published Poor Richards "Almanack"

FUND RAISER - Originated matching contributions idea

SAILING - Designed "sea anchors"

CARTOONIST - Drew 1st cartoon in an American newspaper

LINGUIST - Studied several languages and designed a phonetic alphabet

CARTOGRAPHER - Mapped the Gulf Stream and Routes for the post office

PHILANTHROPIST - Organized fund raising and contributed to many worthwhile causes

MENTOR - Acted as a counselor and guide to many of his contemporaries


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